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Providing buildings that are safe from the dangers of fire has been very much in the public eye in the last ten years and the importance of having the best fire protection installed whether it be retrofit, or new build is clear.

ST Construction has built a specialist ‘Stand-alone’ Fire Safety Division that offers private and public organisations a complete passive and active Fire Safety package starting with a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) undertaken by our suitably qualified and competent Fire Risk Assessors through to installation. ST Construction provides the complete services as a follow up to the FRA recommendations including the following:

  • Certified Door Installations
  • Temporary/Reusable E60 Fire Doors
  • Fire Compartmentation
  • Fire Stopping (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Encasement/Cladding
  • Fire alarm Systems, Detection and Emergency lighting
  • Fire Suppression systems

We are BMTRADA registered, so our clients are assured that all installations are registered and installed to the highest standard.

ST Construction (London) are members of the Fire Protection Association that provides all the latest Fire industry developments, emerging risks, protection technologies and best practice.